Looking for Your Next Remodel Specialist?


​​Furniture Appeal

When considering a bathroom remodel the latest trend is  

bathroom vanities that look like furniture. Open concept vanities

allow for extra storage in small spaces and a new way to display

everyday supplies. Where repurposed hutches and vintage

dressers offer a unique focal point for your bathroom.

                                             Open Shelving

                                             Not every bathroom can accommodate built in storage cabinets.   

                                             Open shelving can maximize any space and lighten a small area.

                                             With multiple styles available this form of shelving can offer an 

                                             esthetic pleasing look any any bathroom.  

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets have come a long way in the last 

few decades. They now bring a sophistication that can 

highlight any bathroom. Most now have plug ins that  

can accommodate any lifestyle.